Transport + Traffic Downtown

The Toronto Star has issued a helpful guide concerning transport in the downtown area during the summit. They advise not to bother to attempt to drive in the city, instead recommending you take the TTC or walk if you need to get around.

The area, roughly speaking, between King and Lakeshore, and Yonge and Spadina (link goes to map) contains the (larger) Traffic Zone and the (smaller) fenced-in Yellow Zone, will increasingly be heavily patrolled and protected as the week progresses. By June 25, accessing the Traffic Zone will be difficult without having pass or a purpose.  These areas, along with the Queen’s Park protest zone are areas The Star advises we avoid. If we need (or want) to go near them, we should bring ID and

dress down, wear your protester-type clothes and leave your suits and pumps at home. The idea is to look, feel, smell just like a protester — whatever that may be.

So, if curiousity does get the better of you, do your best impression of a protester– minus the actual protesting.

Side note: One condominium downtown in the traffic zone issued this information to residents, reprinted on the interwebs on BlogTO. I think the favourite apocalyptic recommendation is:

“We would also recommend that your [SIC] put together a personal emergency kit to keep you going for 72 hours, including but not limited to the following: water, food, manual can opener, flashlight and batteries, battery-powered or wind-up radio, first aid kit, special needs items (prescriptions medications, infant formula or equipment for people with disabilities), extra keys and cash (include smaller bills and change for payphones).”

Yikes! Money for otherwise archaic payphones is recommended because, according to that Toronto Star information, police have the technology to jam your cell’s signal.

Fun times!

About torontoite

I'm a resident of downtown Toronto wanting make things simple for other downtown residents during the G20. Everything available here is public knowledge available on the internet.
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