Wednesday 23rd Protests

A quick recap of tomorrow’s protests. See also the full Protest List for other days.This is only what’s advertised through sites like G20/G8 Mobilization— no guarantees there won’t be protests elsewhere. I’ve added a few more details to the protest list information for this post.

Tomorrow’s theme is climate/environmental justice, so two of the three events schedule are environment-related.

Afternoon weather’s scheduled to be rainy and stormy, but there’s nothing scheduled specifically for the afternoon so only the “Toxic Tour” march event might be affected. This is also the protest that is most likely to cause disruption on Dundas, Bathurst, Spadina etc. depending on the route they take. The protester’s organizers consider this protest to be of one star (of three possible stars) interest to the police, which possibly means they aren’t planning on too many confrontations.

  • June 23 – AW@L – Alexander Park (Bathurst/Dundas) at 11am – Climate March “Toxic Tour of Toronto,” A fancy-dress march (oil covered people etc.) but no route is advertised.

  • June 23 – G20 Mobilize – Police Station at 40 College Street (Bay/College) – A press conferance concerning “illegal detentions” and “police harassment”.

  • June 23 – People’s Assembly on Climate Justic – Ryerson Student Campus Centre (Gould/Bond close to Yonge) 7pm – “Climate Justice” (social issues related to climate) forum related to the Cochabamba Accord, a “people’s accord” formulated in April.

…we call on all those interested in building a broad movement for Climate Justice in Toronto to gatherfor a peaceful, participatory, indoor assembly to discuss the relationship between climate change and justice and how all of our struggles are connected by the climate crisis…

Bold theirs.

  • June 23 – TCMN – The Boat bar (158 Augusta, Kensington Market close to Dundas) 9pm – Fundraiser/Party/Kite-making. The reason for the kite-making is because kites have apparently been banned.

Let torontoite AT gmail DOT com know if you know of any more protests, or post a comment below.

Good luck tomorrow, Toronto!

— Torontoite

About torontoite

I'm a resident of downtown Toronto wanting make things simple for other downtown residents during the G20. Everything available here is public knowledge available on the internet.
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