Transport + Traffic Thursday

This is your Thursday Traffic update. If you’re a driver and you’re still driving downtown, you can also follow Toronto Police Traffic Services. They’re pretty good at up-to-date traffic information. See also road closure information on the ISU’s website.

NEW: Bathurst King to College closed for police investigation/activity.

  • G8/G20 leaders-in-motorcades will be arriving today along the southbound lane of the 427. Expect closures of the road both ways, as well as delays. They are mostly staying in hotels close to the Convention Centre, within the fence, but the Saudi Arabian entourage, at least, is up at the Four Seasons in Yorkville.
  • TTC: Protesters heading north on Bay past College will be distrupting Queen and College/Carlton streetcars and police investigations as of 1:45 are diverting Bathurst streetcars. Changes in routes do not (mostly) kick in until Friday.
  • Today’s protest theme is Indigenous Issues. According to the aforementioned Traffic Services, this means that the 403 will be blocked. There is also a march starting in Queen’s Park at 11:00am. Usually this means a rally followed by some movement– they are at University/Dundas as of 12:45, due to head east on Queen and then north on Bay.
  • Pearson Airport is the epicentre of G8/G20 arrivals. If you’re completely nuts and you’ve scheduled a flight for today or this weekend, give yourself lots and lots of extra time.
  • Thinking ahead, but GO Transit will be up and running tomorrow and over the weekend. However, Union Station entrance access will be limited to the Bay Street entrance (and York Street heading south). If you usually travel through Union on the GO Train you will need to disembark at Union.
  • Via Trains are mostly back after the earthquake, but they are not going to Union. If your ticket takes you to Union, you will be able to get off your Via train and catch a continuing Go Train at Oakville, Oshawa, Brampton and Oriole.
  • Don’t be stupid. If you’re on a Porter Airlines flight out of Toronto, keep your anti-G20 comments to yourself. This isn’t to say this action was warranted, but, like what happened with Blogger Zach Bussey yesterday, it’s about what you look like.

— Torontoite.

About torontoite

I'm a resident of downtown Toronto wanting make things simple for other downtown residents during the G20. Everything available here is public knowledge available on the internet.
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