Tracking Protest March Friday

This is a post that tracked this Friday’s large protest, sometimes called the Allan Gardens protest.


The goal of the protest appears to be set up a “tent city”. Where this will be, or what their route will be, isn’t known.

2:30 – 2000-3000 people gather at Allan Gardens for Justice for Communities march. Police searching protesters and journalists alike. Protesters who refuse to be searched are refused entry to the park.

G20Mobilize on Twitter:

people being threatened, searched and their banner poles confiscated, all happening right now at Allan Gardens community march #g20report

Not sure how police will prevent them from joining the protest later. ADDED LATER: Probably because police are pretty good at completely the march.

NowToronto on Twitter:

Allan gardens protest in holding pattern before speeches and march. Faint smell of vinegar wafts past. #g20

Note: Vinegar is due to the fact that some protesters have soaked face cloths/bandanas in vinegar to absorb tear gas.

4:10 – Protesters leaving Allan Gardens, likely heading west along Carlton towards Yonge.

4:30Photograph birds-eye view of protesters on Carlton.

4:45 – Protest has halted at Yonge and College/Carlton. Some police have put partial riot gear on– not clear if that’s in response to any threat.

4:50 – Protest continues west on College.

5:00 – Protest still at College/Yonge. Some skirmishes between protesters and police reported. Protesters banging on Winners’ windows.

Photograph from Torontoist of riot police in alleyway.

5:10 – Not good. Skirmishes continue, protest has stalled. Police putting on gas masks.

5:15 – Protest moving again, slowly, heading west on College. Possibly some Pro-Po disagreement over which direction protest would take.

CraigKielburger on Twitter:

#G20 protestor with camera in yelling match with protesters who think he’s undercover policeman.

5:30 – Protest, more peaceful but still inundated by cops, heading south on University.

6:00 – Protesters diverted west onto Elm from Unversity.

Photograph from Craig Kielburger’s twitter of line of police diverting protest at Elm.

6:15 – Halted there on Elm by police possibly due to (unrelated) gas leak at Elm/Murray. Meanhwhile, fence gates are closed further south.

680News Toronto on Twitter:

Major gas leak downtown, report says Toronto fire and a hazmat team are reportedly headed for Elm Street and Murray Street.

6:30 – Protesters heading back up University towards College.

6:45 – Protesters peacefully heading east along College past Yonge.

7:00 – Protesters turn off Carlton onto Church, and then turn east at Gerrard towards Allan Gardens.

7:15 – Protesters arrive back at Allan Gardens. Going to set up a tent city there for the night and have a party. Not sure how the residents will feel about that– hopefully protesters are tired and will sleep.

NowToronto on Twitter:

Protest heads home to Allan Gardens. Tent city planned there tonight. One organizer talks about the big night ahead. #G20

kellyowarrior on Twitter:

#g20 march wraps at Allan Garden’s – People’s Park will be the Tent City and block party – join us – Gerrard & Sherbourne

Kelly O’s Photograph of protesters in Allan Gardens.

7:45 – Protesters plan Press Conference in Allan Gardens.


CBC – G20’s First Major Protest Clogs Streets

Toronto Star’s Friday 25th Blog has (at the moment) minute-by-minute description.

CTV – Police Close Security Fence, Protest Winds Down – This article suggests radical groups may have broken off to head south more easily. No sign of that, yet.

Toronto Police’s Photographs – Toronto Police Service’s photographs of the march from the beginning to the end.

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I'm a resident of downtown Toronto wanting make things simple for other downtown residents during the G20. Everything available here is public knowledge available on the internet.
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