Saturday 26 Major Protest Timeline

5,000-6,000 protesters for various causes gathered in the rain between 12pm and 1:30pm at Queen’s Park to protest the G20.They plan to march south on University, west on Queen, north on Spadina, east on College.

12:30 – A small fragment of protesters begins an early march down University Ave.

Torontoist on Twitter:

Rather, one group: “A group claiming crimes against humanity in the Ethiopian region of Ogaden” #G20

1:20 – Tweeter reports that police are already on Spadina, hiding from the rain in doorways.

1:25 – Protesters gathering en masse at Queen’s Park, representing all kinds of causes: labour, steelworkers, women’s rights, peace, environmental (green peace). Protesters outside US Consulate move north on University to join large group.

1:30 Large apache helicopters heading towards Conference Centre heard overhead– thought to be Obama arriving.

1:30 – March begins to move south on University Ave. led by women’s rights advocates. Photo. Photo from Craig Kielburger.

1:35 – National Post G20 Updates on Twitter:

CP24 reports that two protesters have been arrested, armed with what police say are incendiary devices #G20

1:45 – Police apparently blocking the road at Elm (where they blocked the protest yesterday).

National Post G20 Updates on Twitter:

Police have set up a blockade at Elm Street. Protesters threatening to go around and continue to security perimeter #G20

1:55 – Both University and Yonge lines south of Bloor closed, streetcars also not coming downtown and no replacement buses. Police also apparently not letting cars south of Bloor.

1:55 – Protest passes US Consulate giving wide berth, guarded by riot police and fences (Photo from Craig Kielburger).

2:00 – Police block University at Queen with bicycles. Secondary layer of riot police further down University at Richmond. Protest was planned to turn here so this is insurance against those who claimed they would march towards the fence.

2:00 – Protest is very large, five blocks long. Protest now headed west along Queen. Still peaceful.

2:15 – Group of protesters in black spotted headed along Peter at Queen, but police reportedly blocking every street south. Source: mediacoop (no link yet)

Reports that two lines of police – full-geared riot cops, and helmeted bike cops – blocking every road leading to the fence.

2:20 – Head of protest now turning north on Spadina, diverted by police.

2:35 – Head of protest turns east on College. Head of protest peaceful groups: Greenpeace, Women’s Rights, Amnesty International.

Peaceful Protesters from Amnesty Int'l on College

Peaceful Protesters from Amnesty Int'l on College

3:00 – Protest arrives at Queen’s Park to great gaiety and rejoicing, but starts to head back south again shortly after.

3:15 – Police take off en masse down University Avenue to deal with Black Block protesters (pictured in a peaceful moment) smashing windows at Scotiabank at Yonge/Duncan.

3:30-3:40 – Protesters smashing windows on Queen + Bay, including police car window. Now Toronto on Twitter:

windows smashed on queen, cop car window smashed too

erynweatley on Twitter (protester):

RT @mediacoop: RT @kavitabee: Standoff at bay and king help needed urgent #g20report

From National Post article, eyewitness reporter:

Their faces remain neutral as they endure an endless cascade of insults from amateur anarchists who know everything about Orwell and Brecht but probably never read them. “Nazis!” “Pigs!” “Your children are ashamed of you,” “Your fathers are ashamed of you.” What ever happened to putting flowers in gun barrels?

Photo of overturned mailbox from Craig Kielburger.

3:50 – Report of police car on fire at Bay and Wellington from. Two buses full of riot police arrive to move protesters away from fire. Protesters on University have sat themselves in front of Riot Police at Richmond.

4:00 – Black Bloc reported by Now Toronto heading north on Yonge from Adelaide.

4:10 – Two police cars on fire now. Eaton Centre on lockdown

FlashNewsGTA on Twitter:

Two TTC streetcars on Queen st have been damaged, spray painted. #Flashnews #G20 #Toronto #Protest #Police @CP24 #TTC

4:15 – Police letting protesters move east. Photograph of damage on Yonge. Smashed windows etc.

Wobbly video of violent protesters on Yonge, smashing windows. Courtesy of Globe and Mail.

4:25 – Protesters at Yonge and College, College and Bay. Throwing rocks at police outside Police Headquarters.

4:30 – Tweet from BradFrenette on Twitter:

Just spoke to officer who supports many of protest platforms and is member of Amnesty. Hates sitting watching damage to city. #g20

4:35 – Protesters heading west on College.

4:45 – Protesters at University and College, along with lots of Riot Police.

4:45 –MattBraga on Twitter:

Huge line of riot police on uni avenue now. Protesters have moved in and around QP, many changing out of their all-black to blend in #G20

National Post G20Update on Twitter:

CP24 reports that tear gas is in use at College and University. #G20

4:55 – Hundreds of police surrounding protesters at University and College. Tear gas use confirmed (first ever in Toronto) by Toronto Police representative Wendy Drummond [according to TrafficServices on Twitter at 5:20, no gas was deployed– possibly deployed by protesters since it was smelled] and rubber bullets reportedly also have been used. [Confirmed 5:35 by Toronto Police] Police in full riot gear in various places around the city.

5:05 – Police also reportedly surrounding protesters at King/Bay. Standoff continues. Police circling ~600 police at University/College.

5:10 – Police moving forward using horses, banging shields, moving protesters out of the intersection. College is clear by 5:15.

5:20 – Police trying to head off looting in broken stores downtown.

5:25 – Police closing in on protesters in Queen’s Park, pushing them to the ground and arresting them. The more violent ones have changed out of black clothes in order to blend in with the crowd and moved back.

Craig Kielburger on Twitter:

Violent protestors melted into crowd, leaving many others in front of police line. Must be difficult for police to determine who is who #G20


5:45 – Protesters and police on Yonge from Dundas at least as far as College.

5:50 – About 1000 protesters amassed at Bay and Adelaide. Police to the south on King.

6:00 – Mayor David Miller has a Press Conference, via Globe and Mail:

“A small group of people deliberately decided to cause violence today.” They are “people who came to make it their business to cause these types of acts,” he said. “Am I angry? Absolutely.”

Also advised people to be careful downtown but to otherwise go about their business.

Melted Steve's Music Sign, taken Saturday evening.

6:05 – Protesters boxed in at Bay and King. At Queen’s Park, police are pressing protesters closer into the park. Fired pepper balls (containing pepper spray) into crowd. Protesters throwing shoes, bottles at police.

From Craig Kielburger on Twitter:

Police state ‘those who stay will now be arrested. Vacate the area’.

6:10 – Another police car on fire at Spadina and Queen.

6:15 – Reports of hundreds of relatively peaceful protesters gathering at the fence at Front and Bay.

Photograph from _bold.

6:25 – Two more police cars on fire east of Spadina on Queen.

6:30 – Protesters at Bay and Adelaide pull sod to spell out “No G-20”.

Photograph from joelduff.

~6:35 – Police “charge” the crowd with their horses at Queen’s Park causing many protesters to run.

6:50 – Lots of protesters on Twitter in denial about the violence, suggesting police burnt cars themselves.

6:55 – National Post G20Updates on Twitter:

A group of Black Bloc protesters were seen again donning the trademark black clothes and reloading video cameras with a fresh tape

7:05 – CBCNewsDesk on Twitter

G20 protest update: Integrated Security Unit #ISU says there have been 33 arrests since 6 AM ET this morning and expect more to come

7:15 – Due to Subway south of Bloor being closed, TTC is running free north-south bus lines on Bathurst and Parliament.

7:20 – Protesters at Queen and Spadina and at Beverly and Soho boxed in by Police.

7:30 – Police using their horses to corral protesters at Queen’s Park. People are afraid of fast-moving horses and are scrambling out of the way. Some arrests occur.

7:55 – Another Police car on fire on Queen east of Spadina. No police there.

8:10 – Police face off with protesters on Spadina at Queen. Police car on Queen still burning with lots of spectators and media watching/filming. Fence now very quiet. Roaming bands of protesters all over the city, which is difficult for the police to contain.

Police surround protesters near burning police car on Queen.

8:26 – ISU on Twitter:

Individual use of tear gas and pepper were used to respond to members of a group using violent behaviour.

Police car on Queen now being put out by fire crew.

8:30 – CTV Producer Farzad Fahtholazad has been arrested by police at Queen’s Park. Police are generally pushing protesters north (on Beverly) and east (on Bloor outside the ROM). Police have used rubber bullets and batons resulting in some minor bruises and cuts among protesters– but police haven’t escaped unscathed. No serious injuries.

8:40 – Fire out on Queen, police consolidating their position around protesters.

8:45 – Globe and Mail (Chris Hannay):

Just spoke to ISU: Police downtown are using “pepper-spray guns” that “deliver individual shots of OC spray.” OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) another name for pepper spray.

8:50 – Protest at Queen Street east of Spadina getting violent. Protesters are chanting, throwing objects at mounted policemen. One officer is struck and falls from his horse.

8:50 – Twitter from NatashaFatah

Confrontation happening on Queen West. And protestors on Bloor St. are shouting “Let’s Destroy Bloor” #g20 #cbcg20

8:15 – Protesters at Queen and Spadina still in (calmer) faceoff with police.

Matt Frehner/The Globe and Mail:

Outside a smashed in Starbucks on Queen Street near CP24 headquarters, those in apartments above the store are shouting at the protesters to go home.

9:25 – Bill Blair, Toronto Police Chief, gives a press conference. 105 arrests have been made and more to come– police have photographs of those they want to arrest. Although many people have tweeted about use of rubber bullets, they were apparently not used. However, tear gas was used at Queen and Peter after a warning because of violence. Quote:

We ask Toronto for its patience and support. We are working to restore order and rule of law.

9:30 – Protesters still at Spadina and Queen, walking south on Yonge at Queen.

Natasha Fatah on Twitter:

Friend’s report: Gerrard+Yonge small jewelery store completely smashed up. The poor old man/owner looked completely broken. #cbcg20 #g20

9:35 – Police getting out of vans at Yonge and Queen (or Bay and King, not sure), warning people that if they stay they will be arrested.

9:45 – Some protesters peacefully reach the fence and flash peace signs at it amid loads of police. All this mayhem, for that.

And here my comments end. Suffice it to say, this could go on all night.

Protest timeline and great photos at the Torontoist.

Photographs from Toronto Police of Protest violence, aftermath, employees already clearing up.

Article on Violence from Globe and Mail

This is Toronto? Photograph of car on fire, riot police.

Spray painted CIBC branch, courtesty of LBlenkinsop (Globe and Mail)

Photo from Chubbstar: A policeman and a protester, while a police car burns in the background.

Amazing peaceful and violent protest photos from Toronto Star staff photographers.

Article from Globe and Mail about the violence of the protesters.

Article from National Post about the violence of the protesters.

This crowd consists of whack jobs brandishing signs about the Bilderberg Group, 9/11 and corporate conspiracies. There are also the insurgent vandals who are unleashing a campaign of violence with the precision of a bank heist. And then there are the on-lookers. Thousands of people taking pictures and reporting to friends over their cell phones. “Yeah, I’m on Queen. It’s pretty scary right now.”

Torontoist article about Saturday: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

At that point, we saw a plume of white smoke at Queen and Spadina. As we ran towards it we realized that we weren’t choking on our own vomit, and so we walked over to some unmasked cops and asked them, “Hey, have you guys deployed tear gas?” To which one replied: “Fuck, I hope not.” Eventually, some other protesters walking past us on the way back said that the plume of smoke was a flare “that some Black Bloc assholes set off.”


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I'm a resident of downtown Toronto wanting make things simple for other downtown residents during the G20. Everything available here is public knowledge available on the internet.
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