Sunday 27 Events

This is a record of major events that occurred on Sunday. Nothing like as detailed as yesterday’s, but I’ll give links to major events and photographs.

Early Morning – Police investigate and arrest individuals engaged in an apparent attempt to enter the subterranean sewer system, perhaps to get under the fence. National Post link. Globe and Mail interview with the security guard who saw them.

Stores along Queen St. W, Yonge board up their windows.

9:00 – Protesters gather at Jimmie Stewart Park on Queen to march to Eastern Ave. detention centre to show solidarity for protesters held there. Some protesters are released over the next couple of hours, including the arrested National Post journalist.

9:00-12:00 – Dozens arrested in police action at U of T, near forestry building. Onlookers questioned.

11-12:00 – Protesters ordered to disperse from Eastern Ave. Some arrests take place. Later, ISU clarifies:

Today police continue to arrest those who committed criminal acts over the past two days. #g8g20isu

From Torontoist on Twitter:

Star is reporting some protesting outside of Eastern Ave facility are being arrested, cops hit 2 with batons.

12:30 – Protesters off against police amid residential housing. Homeowners look on. Photo. Series of cellphone photos. Better quality photos from Torontoist.

12:45 – Protester’s Convergence Space on Queen St. W. is raided by police.

1:00 – G20Mobilize on Twitter:

the convergence space has NOT been raided. 5 cop cars just outside.

1:00 – Bikers gather at Bloor and Spadina for “Bike Block” protest. Police join them at around 1:10– police from Saskatoon. Initially, there is some resistance from the police about riding but the ride starts as scheduled.

1:50 – Cyclists diverted away from anywhere south of College.

Photograph of cyclists on U of T campus.

2:00 – Cyclists still riding peacefully around the city, with only minor skirmishes.A peaceful prayer meeting goes ahead at King and Church. Peaceful march in Kensington Market (photo).

2:30 – Torontoist on Twitter

At King and Church prayer vigil, “We’re actually WAITING for the cops to escort us” reports Emily Shepard. #g20

craigkielburger on Twitter

Bicyclist peacefully negotiating route with police. #G20

2:45 – Prayer Vigil proceeding east along King escorted by police riding in vans.

3:00 – Reports of arrests being made up at Avenue and Bloor.

Also, seen at Queen’s Park.

3:00 – Press conference from Toronto Mobilization Network, via Brian Fenlon at the Globe and Mail:

Spokesman says protesters picked up by police are being denied timely access to counsel, minimal food, often being held 6-8 to a cell for several hours. They want people to recognize that protesters are “being denied wholesale their rights under the Charter” of access to counsel.
3:15 – At a northwest Toronto Court, riot police assemble to protect the court where 220 arrestees are  for bail hearings in five courtrooms.
3:30 – National Post G20Updates on Twitter:
Police have arrested at least seven people on Yonge St., believed to be carrying black clothing in knapsacks.
ISU on Twitter in response to Toronto Mobilization Network’s accusations:
Prisoner Processing Centre was built to ensure that anyone arrested is treated professionally, & provided with services such as washrooms, food, telephones, access to lawyers & medical care.
Protesters were fed cheese sandwiches and water.
4:00 – Bike protesters have ended up at Eastern Ave. Detention Centre and are staging a sit in there.
From T Kiladze on Globe and Mail Timeline:

Bikers conflicted: someone pleads for them to back away from Eastern Ave. so that police will continue releasing detainees.

4:10 – Bikers move back from road outside detention centre as more riot police arrive.

Earlier, a bus bound for Quebec City was stopped by police at Queen and Noble, people taken off it and two or three people were “officially detained” (arrested.)

4:20 – Maggie Helwig, the woman leading the prayer vigil at Bay/King which remains peaceful has apparently been asked to leave but has refused.

4:30 – Compromise at Eastern Ave. Now protesters have backed off, police are continuing to release some of those arrested the night before.

4:45 – Things heating up at Bay and King as the peace vigil protesters refuse to leave and riot police move in. At the detention centre, a similar situation is occurring as police give the five minute warning for protesters to leave. Via Globe and Mail:

“Please leave now, or you will be arrested.” “You have five minutes”

Similar stuff happening at the protesters “Convergence Space” on Queen.

4:50 – Leaders begin to leave Toronto, closing major roads across the city not affected by protesters.

5:15 – Protesters at Eastern Ave. have remained where they are. Police continue to release people from the detention centre. At Jimmie Simpson Park, where anarchists were supposed to meet to protest prisons, there are a lot of riot police but few protesters. Some arrests have been made.

5:25 – Final, final warning issued at Eastern Ave.

5:40 – A disorganized march consisting of hundreds heads west down Queen where it is met with police at Spadina.

6:40 – A large number of protesters at Queen and Spadina are seated in the middle of the intersection and are surrounded by riot police. Police inform journalist they are going to use sound cannon and rubber bullets.

7:05 – Cops plucking people from crowd and arresting them. Weather’s turned bad– thunder and lightening starting, heavy rain.

9:00 – Two hours later, still raining, people at Spadina and Queen are still waiting to be arrested– absolutely soaked. I suspect that this last standoff will be the worst considered as we start to think politically and legally. The court system is already overwhelmed.

Photo of police at Queen/Spadina

Photo from above of crowd, police.

9:30 – Finally some movement on the onlookers/protesters still corralled (detained) by police at Queen and Spadina, although apparently official arrests finished hours ago. Protesters (onlookers?) zip-cuffed– although dozens are still there. National Post G20Updates on Twitter:

People stuck in police corral in the rain for hours at Queen/Spadina now starting to be loaded onto chartered #TTC buses. #g20

9:45 – Protesters/people stuck at Spadina/Queen since 5:30 and 6:00 and having not been arrested are finally released and head up Spadina. National Post reports that children aged 12-14 and pets were also held there. [Later reports said young children were released earlier Sunday 10:05pm] There was no violence. I this, above everything, will stick in the minds of people because it involved a lot of bystanders.

680 News Reporter Kevin Misener’s story about the Queen/Spadina experience.

Large photograph of those detained on Queen/Spadina.

10:00 – Police are to remain in Toronto another day, at least until Monday evening. Globe and Mail.

10:45 – Police Chief Blair speaks about tactics used at the Novotel Hotel on the Esplanade on Saturday night and at Queen and Spadina on Sunday Evening. He says that police officers saw that people in the crowd were donning facemasks and that media and bystanders were caught in the middle.Blair:

“I cannot apologize to [those who were detained and released without charges]. And I won’t.”


Torontoist Sunday Timeline

Globe and Mail Real Time Updates

Photograph taken at Queen and University via the Torontoist


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I'm a resident of downtown Toronto wanting make things simple for other downtown residents during the G20. Everything available here is public knowledge available on the internet.
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