Protest List

A lot of people live and work downtown in Toronto. In the interest of awareness, I have compiled a list of protests, their time, location and intended nature taken from the various sites of the protests’ organizers. This is likely not a complete list, but I hope it serves to allow Torontonians to know what is going on in their city.

Notes: Road obstructions are inevitable and often planned by protesters for each event.

Events in bold are events that seem to be specifically interested in “confrontation” or “agitation”.



June 22 – QG20 – Yonge/Queen 4:30pm – Queer Issues

June 22 – Kerr Hall East  (Church/Gould Ryerson Campus) – Cheerleading (learning cheers)

June 23 – AW@L – Alexander Park (Bathurst/Dundas) at 11am – Climate March “Toxic Tour of Toronto,” A fancy-dress march but no route is advertised.

June 23 – G20 Mobilize – Police Station at 40 College Street (Bay/College) – A press conferance concerning “illegal detentions” and “police harassment”.

June 23 – Ryerson Student Campus Centre (Gould/Bond close to Yonge) 7pm – Climate Justice

June 23 – TCMN – The Boat bar (158 Augusta Kensington Market) 9pm – Fundraiser/Party/Art-making.

June 24 – General – Queen’s Park 11am – Indigenous Issues march, probably following something like the usual University-Queen-Spadina-College route (although no route is posted.) It may, however, end up at the Convergence Space on Queen, where a meeting is taking place (see below).

June 24 – International Union of Food and Allied Workers (IUF) 4:30pm – Novotel Hotel (The Esplanade between Yonge/Front/Jarvis) – Union Strike all day (7am-7pm).

June 24 – No One Is Illegal – Front/University at the fence 3:30pm – Immigration issues press conference.

June 24 – Indigenous Assembly – G20 Convergence Space 1266 Queen Street W. (Queen/Dufferin) – 4pm. This is a meeting on Indigenous issues taking place at the underground, relatively secure building being rented by the G20 Mobilization group.

June 24 – People’s Summit/Smart Change – Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Spadina/Queen) 5pm – Film about Indigenous Issues.

June 24 – AW@L/Media Co-Op – Steelworkers Hall (Cecil St (between Beverly and Spadina)) at 8pm – Indigenous Peoples/Confront the Invasion. Discussion, video etc.

June 24 – G20 Mobilize – 629 Eastern Ave. (Eastern/Pape) at 8:30pm – Jail Solidarity – Protesters will gather to protest their comrades held in the makeshift jail at the Toronto Film Studios.


June 25 – AW@L – Allan Gardens (Carlton/Sherbourne) at 12:30pm and 2:30 –Feminism/Justice for Communities respectively – March, likely to be blocked streets, sit-in-type activities (2:30+ especially) (12:30) (2:30)

June 25 – Council of Canadians – Massey Hall (Yonge/Queen) 6pm – Forum with various speakers (at Massey until let out at 9pm)


June 26 – G-420 (Toronto Cannibis Community) – Yonge-Dundas Square (Yonge/Dundas) 12pm – Legalize Marijuana. Intends to march from Yonge-Dundas square north on Yonge and then across to Queen’s Park by 2pm.

June 26 – Canadian Peace Alliance – US Consulate 360 University (University/Queen University/Armory) 12:30pm – Rally against anything militaristic, but focusing on Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. NOTE: On Friday, police seemed unhappy to let protesters pass the US Consulate. This may impact the gathering point of this protest.

June 26 – “People First Demonstration” – Queen’s Park John A. Macdonald Statue (South end) 1:00pm – Women’s Rights – Intends to march south on University, west along Queens St. W, north on Spadina and then back along College to Queen’s Park. Again, police may interfere with this planned route.

June 26 – “Get Off The Fence” – Queen’s Park 1:00pm – Intends to march south with the People First Demonstration, but then continue towards the security fence. Intends to be militant, so expect battles. From the description of the protest:

“When the People First march turns back, we invite you all to continue on with us to confront the self-proclaimed G20 leaders and the security apparatus that will have occupied our city. We will take back our city from these exploitative profiteers, and in the streets we will be uncontrollable! This is a militant march where many forms of resistance and tactics are welcomed and respected.”

June 26 – Labour Unions/NGOs – No place for rally start announced, but times say 1pm-5pm. Expect this will be connected with the above two marches (also starting at 1).

June 26 – Saturday Night Fever Party – No place yet, time “Late Until Dawn” – Street Party. Given the pitching of tents at Allan Gardens (between Carlton + Gerrard at Sherbourne) it seems likely that at least some of this partying will occur there. Queen’s Park may also be a favourite. This event also receives a three-star rating of “police interference” on the G20 Mobilize site but is hopefully going to be focused more on the positive.

June 26-27 – Regenesis – 1555 Dupont St. (Dupont between Landsdowne and Dundas) 5:30pm – Sleepover + breakfast.


June 27 – “Getting Down to Business” All day – Everywhere. – Instructions for small groups to “show them [G20 leaders] who’s boss.”

June 27 – Bike Block Action (Spadina/Bloor) 1pm – Mass bike riding protesting automobile domination akin to Critical Mass.

June 27 – St James Anglican Church Park (Jarvis/Church) 2pm – Prayer March (religious affliation: Christian). Specifically says non-violent but road and building occupations expected.

June 27 – 299 Queen Street West (CTV Building at John and Richmond) 3:33pm – Money Burning.

June 27 – Fire Works For Prisons – Jimmie Simpson Park (Dundas/Wardell in East) 5pm – anarchists protesting prisons. They specifically say they will confront media (esp. photographers) and do not intend to make a statement for the media.


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